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February 2, 2008

My boobs are getting big!  For someone who has a small chest it’s awesome.  I am going to milk (no pun intended) this big bustedness for all that it’s worth.  I want to get as many tight fitting shirts as I can and wear push up bras.  In the beginning, my boobs were my barometer of my pregnancy.   I could feel it but it wasn’t noticeable to my husband.  Now that they’ve gotten noticeably big, he’s like: “Wow!  They really are big!  And you really are pregnant!”

With my pregnancy, I’m even MORE into a crazy fog of confusion than usual.  I really don’t want to stay at my job.  If I do, things really need to change.  I’m hoping to be laid off so I can get unemployment and I can devote more time to acting. Otherwise, I’m just going to tell them I’m going to work very little.

Anyway, in my haze, I want to learn and do as much stuff as possible:


Sewing (This one would actually be useful)

Early pregnancy class (We should do this anyway)

ImprovActing My only worry is how foggy I’ll be in improv class.  We’ll see how it goes! 

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