Pregnant Pause

February 2, 2008

Wow…So I had the urine sample done and … The nurse with the really long hair came back and showed the doctor. Immediately my eyes zeroed in on whatever the hell they were looking at (the pregnancy test). And the result is that I am sort of pregnant, in the very early stages. I haven’t even missed my period yet. I feel slightly relieved because I felt like a crazy maniac woman and so depressed. Now at least I know what it is. 

Wow…what a crazy thing, me being a parent.

I’m an unknown actress in New York City. Unlike Kate Holmes or Jessica Abel, I do not have a large conglomerate of an agency behind me. All I have is my hopes and dreams. I’m making way into the industry and working my way into t.v.’s and theatre’s near you.

I also recently got pregnant. I don’t feel like motherhood is the time to completely flush my career down the toilet. In fact, I feel like digging my heels in even more. This is incredibly daunting, but…it’s my nature to face things head on.

I’m extremely excited about the pregnancy as well as continuing my career. 

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