Garlic and a stakes…

February 5, 2008
A great piece of advice I heard from a casting director was that when you’re an actor, you meet a lot of acquaintances, but not as many friends.   In the world of acting this is a truth I’ve had to learn the hard way.
I’ve decided to eliminate negative vampire sucking people in my life, two folks in particular who are soul sucking.  I read an article about demanding more from people who surround me and I realized that I need to avoid them for the sake of my health and sanity.  I had been going back and forth with this decision for a few months and felt guilty.  However, when I made that conscious decision, I immediately felt better.  Light and free.  Instead of bogged down and strategizing about which face to put on.  I don’t have the energy for it.
Right after I made that decision I got two emails from two dear friends who wanted to hang out. That made me very grateful for their friendship.  

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