Vague Worries…

February 23, 2008

I have not officially made my own business out of my acting career. But more and more I’ve been in the mindset that I have an entreprenuership, I am a small business owner. I do mailings to let agents and casting directors know about me, I remind playwrights of my existence, I write and shoot my own material. I admit being pregnant has thrown me for a loop.

Now I don’t know my head from my ass let alone remember that I have a monologue to memorize. Because of my fog, I really need to buckle down even more and be very specific about my goals. One thing I wanted to figure out is whether I should get “another” career to sustain me…this is something I’m always struggling with. I feel that if I get another career it will take me away from this one. I welcome being a mom and taking time away from work….I think… Also, do I want to do maternity wear modeling?? Who the hell knows. Good thing I’m meeting up with my coach.

God, this makes me laugh because these are the “problems” that I’m dealing with.

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