March 19, 2008

March 19, 2008

Today seems like it might be a “good” day, I’m feeling well.

I want to go to yoga today and also meet up with someone regarding a film project he’s working on.

I spoke with my friend S and she asked me where the heck I’ve been. We both wanted to take an improv class together. [The class was terrific. The teacher stressed the importance of listening to your partner, and adjusting yourself to match them. This is very different from another school’s approach which had a bunch of frat boy comedians trying to outfunny each other.] Anyway, after the first week, I felt too sick to get to class and stopped going.

She seemed really delighted to know the news.

S is also a film maker so I asked her how her short comedic film was going. She said it was “going” but didn’t really continue and asked how my own comedic short film was going. I lamented about how I felt frustrated by my editor. Allowing someone else to edit your film takes the power out of your hands and allows for shoddy interpretation of your script. I decided to take a Final Cut Pro Class because I couldn’t rely on other people to edit such a short, no budget film. S wholeheartedly agreed. Both of our films are comedies and we both know what it is we want and we’re realizing we need to roll up our sleeves and just do it ourselves.

I found an editing class I think might be good and I’m psyched.

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