March 20, 2008

March 20, 2008

For the first time I woke up and felt well rested. I attribute this to yesterday’s yoga session.

I’m having breakfast with one of my managers to break the pregnant news to him.

Today I go for an appointment to check the baby out. I’m crossing fingers that all is well. I wish hubby could go with me because seeing the baby is always the coolest experience ever.

I had a good session of writing the feature on the train yesterday. I thought about where the characters are coming from and the backstory of their current relationships. It was really good to step away from it for a little bit and come back to it.

After a little while, I decided to write a list of people that I want to work with:

Wong Kar Wai and Christopher Doyle.Mr. Wong is going to be at speaking all over New York next month.


Alexander Payne. I LOVE Citizen Ruth, Election Day, Sideways and of course his short film in Paris Je T’aime. The short film is such a hilarious piece and yet quite touching.

Wes Anderson


Kenny Longergan


Sophia Coppola


Playwright Israel Horowitz


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