March 20, 2008

I went to yoga and it felt really good to move around.  There were two other women who have similar due dates to mine.  The rest of the lot were women were about to give birth.  The instructor is terrific and she’s also a doula so she sprinkles our class with little facts here and there. 

I met another woman in the class who is about 14 weeks along and went and grabbed lunch in K-town. Afterwards we went shopping and I bought some cute tops for my slightly expanding body.

Organized taxes for appointment next week. My desk looks as though it threw up with receipts and papers strewn about. 😦

Went out to eat at the sushi joint in our hood with J. I wasn’t hungry so I just had an avocado role and miso soup. I’ve been eating a lot during they day: big breakfast, fruits, veggies, soy milk. The evening is just sort of tough because I usually feel nauseous.

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