America’s Top Model Season 8

March 22, 2008

I’ve been watching a lot of television lately. It’s something that I’m trying to wean myself off of as my sickness starts fading away.

I’ve been watching America’s Top Model from last season and didn’t realize that there were a few moms who ended up being the finalists! This made me happy.


How did Renee get that belly back into shape like that? I don’t think she had Heidi Klum’s money to get back into shape. It gives me hope.




I have this theory about successful people that most of them come from humble beginnings and have a strong desire to succeed (Michael Bloomberg, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Chung Kyung Wha [violinist], Albert Camus, Biggie Smalls, Morrisey). I don’t mean destitute to the point where one loses all hope and sinks in to depression. But just enough hardship that fills them with a burning to desire to move beyond their given station in life.

The last three finalists from this particular season all seemed to come from situations that were less than ideal. Two of them weren’t even native English speakers. They might not have been the most conventionally beautiful but they had fight within in them which made them winners.

I know it’s a stretch to compare Ben Franklin and Albert Camus to reality TV models, but it does say something about having hunger for success.

One Response to “America’s Top Model Season 8”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I bet Ben Franklin would have loved to have been in the same category as models. He was wise and an intellect and yet, a man of the people–who loved a pretty face.

    You, my dear, will be one hot mom, don’t ever doubt it!

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