Pregnant Brain

March 28, 2008


I’m taking into account how my hormones and brain sort of play tricks on me. Since I haven’t been working a 9-5 job, I find I might get a bit loopier than usual. In the morning I’m fine, but in the evening my brain starts to melt down and thoughts begin to swirl around into incomprehensibly. I have manic thoughts of cleaning the house, reading a book, re-writing and doing an internship at a film production company…all at the same time.

I spoke to my friend friend J who told me to calm down and focus on what I’m supposed to do. He’s a new dad and he was like: “Dude! You’re making a baby, just chill the freak out.” I realized I was a bit paranoid that I wasn’t “doing anything.” So I now know that whenever I get a little batty, I just chalk it up to being pregnant.

I also discovered my friend who is a writer/director discovered his girlfriend is 12 weeks pregnant. They’re in LA now but returning to New York so I’m hoping to see them since our kids might be the same age. Also, I don’t know pregnant people, so it’d be cool to get to know more future moms.

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