First gig of the year…

April 11, 2008

I booked a job as one of those folks from the Verizon Network.  When I booked the job I wasn’t eager to do it because I had a feeling it would painful.  As it turns out, I was booked as a “principal”, not an extra and the others I met were professional, working actors.  There were some 200 extras, but we got out of there before the poor crew had to coordinate with them.  

I met a lovely woman, who is an actress and also a perfusionist (she operates a machine which helps stabilize heart patients while they get cardiac surgery, no joke!) and her personality was so funny and energetic that it was a real joy to meet her. Her stories about her career were hilarious and she was a really smart woman who knew where she was going. I liked her because she really set her life up so that she could earn a living while pursuing her acting career.

We all dressed up as Verizon workers and we ALL had to wear Dickies pants. My pants were not fitting me because of my growing belly, but the wardrobe guy said to use them because they fit length-wise and he would split the back to make them fit. He had to split them quit a bit and it was then I decided that I would tell my commercial print agent I was going to go away for a little while. Sitting around, uncomfortable for hours isn’t like it was when I was not pregnant. It feels terrible. And I’ve learned that’s what a lot of acting/modeling is: sitting around in uncomfortable rooms for hours, waiting for your shot.

After the eight hour work day, I got home and fell asleep at 7:00. J asked if I could cook vegetables but I refused to get out of bed.

2 Responses to “First gig of the year…”

  1. Menon A. Hareendran Says:

    Perfusionist is doing a life support career. By maintaining circulation through a Heart Lung Machine nourishing throughout the main course of operation she/he has Mother – Foetus relationship with the patient. In our country, mostly employed in ihospitals. there are very few freelance perfusionists, who may not be doing even other health allied work as part time.

  2. actingforalivin Says:

    Thanks Menon for the clarification 😀

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