Back from down south…

April 14, 2008

J and I partied with his friends at Restaurant Eugene in Buckhead, Gerogia. Since I’ve been feeling pretty shitty being pregnant, I haven’t gone out in a while. We stayed out pretty late and since I couldn’t get wasted and STILL had a great time, I knew it was genuine.

The next day I woke up at noon, worked out and ate brunch. Then we went to the aquarium which was amazing. Afterwards we went to what I like to call The Tower Of Babel, or the CNN Center (it is an ugly building). It is the oddest building and had the strangest, bloodthirsty energy because the Hawks were about to play the Celtics.

The primary reason we went to the CNN Center was because J’s friends went on and on about Chic-Filet and he was frothing at the mouth to try it. As he pulled the foil back and excitedly bit into it and chewed, he looked like a kid opening gift at Christmas. His expression went from excitement to disappointment in 2 seconds after the first swallow. I ate a baked potato from Wendy’s.

Later, we ate at an Italian restaurant where apparently a lot of kids were dining for their prom.

I did not write, I suck.

On a cool note, a very nice director I’ve worked with before asked me to be in a reading of his this week, so that was cool. I also received an email from my stealthy, ninja producer who told me he found a good after effects guy for our short which is awesome. Why is my producer stealthy and ninja-like? Because I do not hear from him for weeks and he’s monosyllabic when he talks to me. But then whenever I wonder what is up with him, he does something really cool like this.

2 Responses to “Back from down south…”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Don’t beat yourself about not writing–it’s not worth it! You’ll pick up the pen again soon enough.

  2. actingforalivin Says:

    Thank you Amanda 😀 I appreciate it. There’s always “something” to keep you from writing…but I guess it’s our job to make it happen.

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