Auditions Do’s and Don’ts

April 29, 2008

These are tips I’ve learned from either being an actress or being on the other side of the table. They’re also a reminder for myself.

-Don’t stop midway through an audition and talk about how you can not possibly play a character.
-Don’t talk about how your friend is in jail for murder.
-NEVER apologize, OWN it! One audition isn’t going to make or break your career.

-Be confident, friendly, be healthy and at ease with yourself. (<–<I feel this is the MOST important one.)
-Look the best you can.
-Be positive. Don’t talk about how the weather is giving you an allergy, how you have to get your energy up or how you hate the script. If you’re from LA, please don’t diss New York and say how grey it is.
-Keep small talk to a minimum unless it’s about another fabulous project you’re in.
-Have the scene solid.

I recently had the privilige of being a reader for pilot season auditions and there were three recognizable faces who were were all top notch. Two read from the script, and barely knew the lines. But they both pulled if off because they were confident and were joyful with their read. The third recognizable talent was spot on without the script. All three were like lightening bolts that flashed through the thick fright and weak choices of other actors. They were also very nice people.

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