This week…

May 27, 2008

I have two auditions this week. One is tomorrow for a pretty excellent indie film producer and the one later this week is for a student film. Both of the roles are young mothers. I’m taking a risk because I’m definitely showing, but I figure why the hell not? If they like me fine, if not that’s okay too.

UPDATE: Decided to skip the student film one.  They’re shooting in August…I will be huge 🙂

I went to the Mac store and checked out the iMac and looked at 24″ screen. It was huge. I currently write with a G4 12″ laptop that I’ve had for 6 years…not sure if we need it right now.

I came across Creative Screen Writing Magazine’s podcast and listened to Diablo Cody talk about how she made Juno happen. Very interesting and insightful.

One Response to “This week…”

  1. Amanda Ettinger Says:

    Hope the auditions went well! Did any of them think your belly was a just a prop to get the part?

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