Learning tips from successful writers…

June 3, 2008

I’ve been listening to Creative Screenwriting podcasts and they are terrific. So far I’ve listened to the writers of Little Miss Sunshine, Shaun of The Dead and Juno.

The writer I seemed to relate to most to was Michael Arndt because he was from Brooklyn and discussed how difficult it was to find people to give back good criticism. Constructive and succinct without crushing and without coddling you. He also quit his job because he felt that writing after work and on the weekends was for the birds.

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg talked about their cartoon flip book style of writing which blew my mind. They would do their entire movie with drawings on sheets of paper before they went to the computer. It pushed my creative button big time because I’ve always enjoyed acting AND drawing and felt that I must either ACT or DRAW and I felt those two worlds could not meet.

Diablo Cody talked about how she was working her ass off at two jobs while writing her script. She also commented on how critics ALWAYS tried to discredit her and put her down by saying that she was a sophomore success. It’s very interesting how naysayers work. I wonder if those naysayers had any screenplays that they had written, or any projects they, themselves were working on.

Anyway a little juice to keep me (and you, dear reader, going ^_^)

In more mundane, short film news, we’re getting the computer this week or next and I’ll be able to edit!! Also found a GREAT film student to help out with the titles. Things are humming. 🙂

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