Things To Relax Me…

June 3, 2008

Yesterday our yoga instructor suggested we bring things to the birthing event that help us relax.  My girlfriend who recently had a baby also suggested the same thing.  I will lose this list if I write it in a note book, so I’ll put it on the blog for later reference:


Hot compress/Cold Compress

Lots of Fruit – Apples, bananas,


Oatmeal with honey with almonds. (I’m not demanding or anything)

Yummy tofu soup with seaweed and enoki mushrooms (okay, mebbe slightly demanding)

Wine (Opus 1)

Flight of the Conchords DVD

Dumb and Dumber

Chris Rock

30 Rock Episodes

Lots of cartoon books (Lynda Barry, Chris Ware, Mutts)

A sign that says: “You Can Do It!”


Ina May’s books

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