Physical Fitness

June 30, 2008

This DVD cover looks pretty funny and I’m not sure about the marketing/design of it.  However the DVD and instructor is wonderful.  Karyne Steben is a Cirque du Soleil acrobat and she announced that 6 weeks after birth, she would be filming an HBO documentary and needed to get back into shape.

I’ve been mostly doing 20 minute walks and haven’t done much strength training.  Doing strength training makes sense for several reasons: 1) being healthy for the myself and the baby, 2) delivery is a strenuous process and will require a LOT of strength and 3) getting back into pre-pregnancy weight will be easier.

I like Karyne because she is gentle, has a matter of fact attitude and is low key.  She lacks the bubble gum cheery facade that some workout DVD’s might have.  The workout is challenging and yesterday I’ll admit I only got through 20 minutes of it before I decided that I could not go on.  Today my body feels slightly sore but also more engaged and it feels good.

You can be sure I’ll be buying this video…check out her abs!!

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