Update On The Short Film

June 30, 2008

I had a screening of my short film last Thursday with an informal group of film makers/film lovers. I didn’t know any of the people who were watching it and was EXTREMELY nervous.  The sound is all off balance, the picture has a lot of issues in terms of contrast and saturation (note to self, when shooting, bring a monitor to see what is being shot!!).

My producer came along and we were both a bit nervous but also more curious about the reaction.  Showing work to strangers is helpful because they are able to see the piece and tell you what they think without attachment or hangups.

People seemed to really enjoy it and they laughed at all the key moments.  They also had really insightful things to say about the film and made it deeper than I thought it was.  It took a little while to sink in, but instead of being negativo, I accepted their enjoyment of the film and felt really happy about the experience.

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