33 weeks

August 21, 2008

I think I miscalculated how many weeks I am along.  Currently the baby is positioned breech and I’m doing things like yoga poses, elevating my legs, playing music near the bottom of my belly etc. to try and encourage the baby to go into the vertex (head down position).  I also learned that I have a septate uterus, or funny shaped uterus which means she may or may not have enough room to turn around.  

This was worrisome because my midwife had never heard of this before and she sent me to a perinatal doctor.  His assessment was that I was past the scary stuff (i.e miscarriage or amniotic bands etc.) and everything looked good.  Baby is healthy and right weight etc.

For all the things I internally complain about, this made me grateful that things have gone smoothly so far.

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