ECV tomorrow

September 18, 2008

ECV stands for External Cephalic Version.  It basically means doctors manually turning the baby to a vertex position.  This is what’s on the agenda for tomorrow.

I’ve never been to the hospital aside from going to my regularly scheduled appointments.  Getting this done doesn’t thrill me.  Our appointment is at 8:30, then perhaps around 10:00 they’ll do the ECV.  They give me something that relaxes the uterus and then do the baby spinning.  Then they have to monitor the baby’s heartbeat for about 4-5 hours to make sure she’s ok.  The success rate is around 50-65%.  I’ve read online that it’s not the most comfortable thing and that it can be quite painful (though some women were fine with it).  Then we’ll wait around for 2-4 hours to monitor the baby and her heart rate.

If it goes well, then I’ll just be a little sore.  The other scenario is that we have to do a c-section 😦  So we’re packing up everything just in case.  I hope it’s not the latter…but also have come to terms ONCE AGAIN that I am NOT in control and just kind of go with the flow.  Though you can be sure I’m going to stuff my face today since I can’t eat for most of the day tomorrow.

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