Zodiac signs are arbitrary…

September 26, 2008

I’ll be having a c-section on October 3 which is next Friday.  This is not by my choice but because the baby is breech.  I’m going to continue to lay on the ironing board, yoga poses and possibly the accupuncture.

I’m very excited…though a bit scared of the operation.  It’s funny because I realized people who don’t know much about childbirth (i.e. my little brother) think that c-section is the preferred method.  What most people don’t know is that c-sections pose more of a risk to mother and baby, they cause a higher risks in future pregnancies and take a longer recovery time.

I’ve been going a bit nuts so to kind of chill out, I’ve been drawing a LOT.  Brain is not functioning really…I’m not really unhappy though, just feel excited about the unknown.

Last week was the last day of my screenwriting class.  It was terrific and I feel a lot of hope about my script.  I realized a few things about my writing:

1.  I can not write in a vacuum. I need people either for feedback or to bounce ideas off of.  And those people should be receptive to my script and give critical but not unkind feedback.

2.  Sometimes it’s okay to take a break.

3.  Persistence is the payoff.  I’ve fallen off the horse many times…but that’s ok.  It’s just important to get back on it.

After class, I met with my coach and we discussed my plans for 2009.  I am VERY excited about getting back into acting and being a mom.

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