Failed Vlog Experiment…but excellent learning experience…

September 30, 2008

Approximately 47 days ago I set out to finish a screenplay.   AND I planned to video blog about it  Instead I have about 24 pages and stopped vlogging on day 8.  What happened?

What I learned was extremely valuable.

1.  While there is persistence and perseverance, there is also a need to allow the process to unfold naturally rather than “willing” something to happen.  I’m all for deadlines but being realistic and gentle with one’s self is helpful too.  I found that forcing myself to “make it happen” put too much pressure on myself and I would get bunched and stressed.

2.  Be open to learning.  I took the screenwriting class and found that I was unconsciously trying to stay ahead of the teacher.  It took me a few weeks to throw out my attachment to my previous work and be open to what he had to say.  When that happened, the frustration sort of melted away and I was able to write more.

3.  I can not write in a vacume.  I NEED people, to bounce ideas off others, to hear crit, to crit their work, to stay inspired.  I can see why authors develop drinking problems.  Writing is hard.  And had I not been pregnant perhaps I would be a raging alcoholic by now, who knows?

4.  Writing produces all types of demons – – recognize them and let them go.  Sometimes it’s a gentle voice telling you you’re too tired to write, sometimes it’s a movie you see that is very similar to your story idea.  My favorite distraction demon is blaming my little 12″ G4 for not working so therefore I can not write (HELLO, pen and paper?)  Whatever the form of the demon, just see them as merely temporary stumbling blocks instead of completely letting go of writing.

5.  It’s definitely okay to take a break and pursue other interests.  I started, a small online greeting card site.  I felt super guilty  about not writing the script, but concluded it was healthy for me to have other interests.  I thoroughly enjoy it and it refreshes me to where I can get back to writing with a different mind set.

6.  THAT SAID, it is a delicate balance as to where you can let one overtake the other.  I thought about if I were going to die in a few months, which was the MOST important project to me, I realized it was the script.

So now I’m back on the horse and writing again.  🙂

2 Responses to “Failed Vlog Experiment…but excellent learning experience…”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Good for you – writing certainly carries with it all emotions. When it’s working and good, it’s SO good. Like catching a wave and enjoying the ride, or the way your body feels quiet after a good hard cry. Best of luck to the writer voice in you…

  2. actingforalivin Says:

    Thank you for your encouragement Leigh! I love your site :-D!

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