Wonky Monday

November 6, 2008

I noticed that due to lack of sleep I feel a bit wonky.  When Baby M takes naps it’s easier to just hold her.  When she’s up ALL DAY it requires a whole heck of a lot of effort.  Today I felt worn down, sleep deprived and a little bit weepy.

Last week a friend had asked to do a reading tonight and I jumped at the opportunuity.  I’ll admit I REALLY questioned myself as I was running out the door while the baby was fussing to be fed.  On the train there I kept looking at pictures of my daughter thinking I was a big jerk for leaving her at home with my husband.

However, the reading was really what the doctor ordered.  People were very funny and drinking a lot of wine.  (Oh my god I can drink wine!!)  It felt really great to read and laugh hysterically at all the silliness.  I loved reading and realized it was totally worth it.  I realize there will be plenty more times like this and it will be really challenging for sure…

On the  cab ride to Penn Station and SUV driver dangerously began playing chicken with my driver. The old me would have definitely either flicked the driver off or rolled the window down and hurl a few choiced words.   I felt like pleading:  “I have a kid, dude!!  Chill out!!”  Instead I double checked my seatbelt, sighed and prayed I’d make it home.

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