Baby Drama

November 14, 2008

After the six week check up Baby M is slightly jaundiced.  The bilirubin levels are very low so she’s okay for now.  I took her to the hospital to get blood drawn and she was a real trooper only crying once when they put the needle in and once when they took it out.  Watching that was a bit difficult for sure.

In other weird health news, I have major tendonitis from carrying the baby around.  This is funny because I’ve used the computer for years and NEVER had an issue.  Two months of baby and my wrists are all jacked up.  I have a carrier which I put Baby M in but she doesn’t like it.  I need to try and get a new carrier.  Yes, I’m spoiling the baby until she’s three months.  I like carrying her.  But my body is telling me I need to do otherwise.

In other news, I met with my screenwriting group yesterday and that was pretty fantastic.  I hope to have a draft done by the end of this month.

One Response to “Baby Drama”

  1. charlene Says:

    Ironically, this controversy over some Motrin ads broke out this weekend:

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