I want a collaborative partner!

January 18, 2009

I’m putting it out there in the universe!!  (he he, saying things like “putting it out in the universe” is so funny.  It’s so “Secret“.)

Will Ferrell will be performing on Broadway as George Bush.  In the article he talks about his long time collaborative partner and I yelled out:  “I WANT A COLLABORATIVE PARTNER!!”

When I was reading John Leguizamo’s book “The Works Of John Leguizamo” he too had a collaborative partner to write with and discuss his show with.

I’m currently taking a class with the best teacher/director on the earth.  However, I want to have a collaborative partner that I don’t pay.

Here is what I’m looking for:

-Sees things to fruition (my weak point)
-Loves my work (and I love their work)
-We jive, we’re friends
-They are detailed, methodical (my other week point)’

Alright UNIVERSE!  Do your stuff!

5 Responses to “I want a collaborative partner!”

  1. DFK Says:

    I read off your blog years ago. And now. But somehow only now got to respond to this post. I guess the universe must have done quite some stuff in the meanwhile, but it does not stop, so:

    The idea of a collaborative partner just got me. I’ve done that. Yes, in politics, and not only.

    I also have to admit that there was something else tickling. Kid screams? Consider stereo here. Pour in sleep deprivation, conflicted work/home feeling, days with only 24 hours? You know it, and I know the kind of need of change (or at least shift) in goals and approach.

    So let’s see:

    *I had big legal action for years to make them take my picture off dictionaries for these terms
    -Sees things to fruition (my weak point)
    *Always lookin for that, always doin things for more than one goal
    -Loves my work (and I love their work)
    [under construction]
    -We jive, we’re friends
    [under another construction…]
    -They are detailed, methodical (my other week point)’
    *Why am I answering point by point? 😉 thorough, think can do. Actually, I think I do every day

    Actually, saying these myself sounds kinda odd. You’ll be the judge of that …

    Now it’s my turn to say,
    UNIVERSE! Do your stuff!

    while I wait for another 2y + 2m for universe to answer, I hope your kid will have fun with printable stuff on the site.

    • actingforalivin Says:

      Goodnesss…Well HELLO THERE DFK! Hope you’re having a fabulous day 🙂

    • actingforalivin Says:

      Btw…I just saw your comment and realized that I finally have met a collaborative partner! Tell me if it happens for you too. I believe if you keep focusing on what you need, it will come!!!

      • DFK Says:

        When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
        (The Alchemist)

        Trying to be profound to cover that I’m jumping allover the place.

        OK. Now what?
        Guess should move this on a more private place? um, mail or some?

      • actingforalivin Says:

        Hi DFK! Thanks so much for the comment. Would love to talk to you more about it 😀

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