The gaps between the brilliance…

January 19, 2009

Wednesday I was in the halls of NBC where I auditioned for a consistently paying work.  On Thursday I was wiping off drool on my baby’s mouth, had no sleep and felt utterly depressed.

I came across a qoute from Milton Resnick, a major abstract expressionist painter:

Artists, he said, “….have their ups and downs….for a while everything you do is wonderful or you think it is then you slide down….pulling yourself up again is the most important part of your life.”

It’s very difficult to face the downtime of being an actor.  Often times I feel like running back to a day job and having some regularity in my life.

The thing is, I realize I’m very lucky.  I have a chance to make it, I have a wonderful family and focus solely on being a mom and an actress.  I’m feeling blue right now and remember this quote on these occasions.

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