Entrepreneur Mindset

January 22, 2009

Today I realized that I get bummed when I don’t have much going on and want to get a day job.  What stops me is realizing that getting a dayjob is exactly opposite of what I need to be doing to have an acting career.

One of the most challenging aspects for me is the irregular schedule and isolation. I realized that this is what small business owners or entrepreneurs face all the time. Pursuing something outside of a big cubicle is not an easy path.  There are no deadlines, there are no set goals.  It’s freeing and maddening at the same time.  I’m envious of friends who are at jobs and who have a lot of income to spend.

Sure I’m broke, I’m embarressed by the amount of money in my bank account right now.  But it is a time where I have the freedom to go on auditions without a dayjob.  And HONESTLY, being a mom is a fulltime job.  So, that said, I realize this is not an easy venture and if everyone could do it, then everyone would.

In other news, today I had my solo-show workshop.  I wrote about five pages.  I have a lot of work to do before our February performance.

I also am MAKING myself go to practice auditioning tomorrow with the group of actors I met from class.  I really wanted to audition more and meet up with these guys because they’re a good group of people.

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