Power of Decision Making…

May 1, 2009

I decided this week that I’m not going to find outside work for the next 5 months.  Ever since Baby M was born, I’ve felt obsessed with finding a job and earning my “own” money.  I decided that I need to chill the heck out. We are lucky that my husband can support us for now.   And since I did my show three times, we actually made  a PROFIT.  So I AM working part time!  Actually FULL time PLUS OVERTIME because right now I’m with Baby M ALL OF THE TIME. Why all caps?  Because it just hit me today that I’m working my tail off!

After making the decison of staying home for the next 5 months (except for really good acting gigs), I felt a relief.  And that’s why making decisions is important.  Instead of being wishy washy, you have clearly defined what you want and then the rest of the universe responds.  The reality is that the universe is totally aligned to make it all happen for you, you just have to LET it happen.  When you’re muddled and undecisive, then the universe is confused right there beside you.

Here are reminders for decision making:

-Make your decisions and make them fast.  Don’t hold back and don’t be afraid.  If you make a mistake, so what?  You can change your mind.  Decision making is a very important skill to have.

-Make a decision and stand by it and back it up.  – Sometimes when ideas are presented they are met with resistance.  This is normal, this doesn’t mean your decision is wrong.  Believe in your decision and stand by it.  Then others begin to take your decision as normal.

Then also have the flexibility to see where change is needed. – If something isn’t working, then fix it.  Don’t be stubborn or too proud to change something that can be improved upon.

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