What Makes Us Happy?

May 30, 2009

I read about this study conducted by George Vaillant and it was fascinating.  Over a course of 72 years, 268 “elite” were meticulously documented.  The purpose was to find out the patterns of happy, successful people thus bettering man kind.  

I heard the author, Joshua Wolf Shenk speak on NPR and one of the most important thing for personal happiness seemed to be (drum roll please):


This makes a ton of sense and all the more reason that I need a change.  Being a mother is quite isolating, being an actress can be isolating.  Slap these two together and you are living in Siberia.  Oh yea, add being in the suburbs into the mix and now you’re on the moon standing beside Neil Armstrong’s footprint.

I’m tired of complaining so I will stop.  I hope by August we are settling in somewhere closer to the city.

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