Fireworks in da House!

June 1, 2009

Feeling:  Tired, drained, on the brink … of what I’m not sure.

We visited my Cantonese in-laws yesterday for dinner. I used to think that not speaking Chinese was a minus in my relationship with my in-laws, but now I see it as a major plus.

Last night we were thinking of catching fireworks celebrating 100 Years of the Queensborough Bridge.  I fretted over the noise level but thought I could cup Baby M’s ears.

I was sitting on my in-law’s couch with Baby M when all of a sudden my MIL began screaming her head off at my husband.  I was like:  “What the heck is going on?” and in between angry retorts in Chinese,  my husband explained that his mom was yelling at him because we were considering buying a home in the city instead of the suburbs.  (We aren’t even looking at the city, we’re looking closer to the city)  She did not understand why I needed to be around other mothers or why I needed to be closer to the city and she thinks where we live is just fine.

I cupped Baby M’s ears and  took a walk.

Never mind that I was not engaged in this dialogue of MY future with MY family.  I was upset but realized after a while that his mom doesn’t really have any power over us, nor does she know diddly about real estate.

I feel bad for my husband because on Friday after we got hit, my husband told me he was coming home “very late”.  It was not a good day to be coming home late.  I really needed him to be there with me and I let him know it.  My poor husband is getting it from all directions.

We missed the outdoor fireworks under the Queensborough Bridge but witnessed our own private showing in Jackson Heights, Queens.

There’s not much to say here, just more indicators that we need a change.


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