Attitude of Gratitude

June 4, 2009

GratitudeNear my house is a Jewish Center and they always have these cool phrases on their sign.  This is their latest.  At first it annoyed me because I’m a constant striver, improver, I always want to do more.  But then it made me think about my attitude and how it’s not been very positive.  Also, my desire TO DO STUFF is actually a hinderence and only added to my angst.

I took a look last Wednesday’s “TO DO” list and had to laugh:

11:00 visit venue?
Pick up laundry/dry cleaning
Put stuff in mail
Return library books
Get watch battery
Call Real Estate Agent
Create Fanpage
Website (Twitter)
Create poster/fan page

What a nut. And thinking about those things made me almost lose my mind.

I decided after that to pare down drastically.

11:00 Conference Call re: Solo Show
Pick up police report for rear-ender

I’m lowering the bar by having two goals a day.  THREE THINGS MAX.

So far it seems to help.

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