Interesting developments…

June 22, 2009

I meditated yesterday and a thought popped into my head:  “Today is going to change my life”.  I liked that thought.  I shrugged and saw where it would take me.

I went to rehearsal and afterwards I drove to the area where I want to live for a Mommy Meetup.  The first apartment complex, there were no mommies to be found.  I went to the common area of the building – no moms.  The doorman said there was a rooftop area where the moms sometimes went.  I went on the roof and there was one pregnant woman who said she doesn’t go to the meeting but that they showed up late sometimes.

To make a long story short, I met a mother who is closing on the apartment building I have been looking at.  She and her husband have been living in the area for 2 years and decided it would be a good time to buy.  She really loved the area, felt the schools were good and they felt good about the neighborhood.

Up next:  see how much we can afford, check our credit, see about a loan…

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