What I’ve Been Reading…

June 22, 2009

Ever noticed what’s going on with women in the media, literature, fairytales etc?  It usually involves either being rescued by a prince (Snow White) or having something horrible happen to them (Madame Bovary).  What about the successful, happy, self reliant women?  Right now I don’t have the time to wonder WHY this is the way it is or get angry or sad over WHY this is the case.  I’m too exhausted.  I’m totally happy to see something like this and it’s fun and confirms my deep belief that you really can do anything you want.

I came across The Hot Mommas Project when I was about to have my baby.  This was a project where women who created case studies on how they became successful in their field.  I had forgotten it and then recently stumbled upon it again. These stories are terrific, the women are courageous and they get what they want.

As an actress, it’s very easy to get bogged down by negativity and the challenges an acting career throws at you.  Add being a mother into the mix and sometimes I wonder if pursuing an acting career is worth it.  Hearing stories of other folks who persevered definitely helps.

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