Thank you, Rachel Griffiths: Mother of Three!

June 23, 2009

This morning I was filled with despair because I thought about having another child and quite honestly that prospect bummed me out.  Talked to my buddy in my show, she gave me a nice talk:  Enjoy the ride and just let things happen without trying to CONTROL THINGS.

Also discovered Rachel Griffiths.  Thank you Perez.  Thank you, Rachel.  Yes you were a big star in your country before you came to the states, but that’s okay.

Sitter came by, she was decent. Spent the few hours doing the dance of training her and being sort of a host.   No naps for Mom.  Exhausting.

Yelled at husband when he innocently said the word “dinner”.   I was grumpy he was an hour late..also just plain exhausted.  Tired of being tired.  But hopeful things are changing.

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