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Email from the sound designer of my show…

June 15, 2009

I’m not sure what it is about the show that I’m in, but it’s been really special.  It’s fun, I love the team we’ve assembled, we’re always having a good time.  The people who are part of it are affected in a positive way. I just had to share this email I got from D, one of our tech guys:

“Hey I just wanted to thank you again for the experience and i hope all is going well. I’ve been running the soundboard for an off off broadway production of the Who’s Tommy at the Gallery Players theater and I’m about to interview for another board op job with the KNF Co in midtown and its all thanks to the experience I got working with you guys. So thank you again that theater bug has got me good now!”

Finances for Artsy Fartsy Me

June 13, 2009

Theatre Ledger

I’ve started tracking everything I’ve been spending on the show and wanted to get a nice ledger to record things.  Doing it in excel makes it less easy to access.  I’ve had rinky dink notebooks that I’ve misplaced or lost.  Before our rehearsal today I went to Staples and picked up a ledger.

This ledger is from B.F. Keith’s Theatre in Indianapolis.

This show consisted of Bob Hope, and it was a two man dancing team doing sometimes SIX performances per day.  Jigga WHAT?  Wow.  I love this site because it dispells the myth that actors (or artists for that matter) are genuises who are suddenly and randomnly inspired.  He worked his tail off and from these ledgers it shows he was more than a performer, but was business savvy.

Perhaps one day someone will put my ledger into a museum.  I can hear the tour now:  “This is an exhibition of Hottie Actress Momma, her wardrobe, videos of her performances, her writings and… her ledger.  Look!  If we browse in this ledger, we see back in 2009, renting a rehearsal space in New York City was only $15 per hour!!”

The city makes me feel good…

June 12, 2009
This bag would be gone in .5 seconds in NYC

This bag would be gone in .5 seconds in NYC

Had an audition for a theatre production.  I did two pieces and the folks were really kind about it.  We’ll see if anything happens.

(It was a challenge to get there, I had my friend roll Baby M around in the carriage.  Also carry her up and down the subway stairs.  It was worth it.  I needed to see if I had the pieces in my head and they are there.)

FOUND: A babysitter!!!!  I’m so excited!!  I have great hopes for this girl.  She is temporary till she goes to law school in August.

Had coffee with a woman, D, I met at the opthomologist’s office.  She is so funny and  cracks me up so bad.  She has a baby the same age as Baby M AND SHE IS PREGNANT AGAIN.   When she told me that, my face expressed shock and she choked on her cookie laughing.

Positivity Galore

June 8, 2009

Baby M, chillin'

I’ve been complaining a lot so I’ve gone gangbusters and decided to run the other way to POSITIVITY LAND.  After falling and busting her eye, Baby M is now sick with a cold.  Today I’m focusing on relaxing while taking care of my little girl.  

I downloaded The Artist’s Way and Creative Visualization and already feel better.  We’ve been putting out fires left and right that sometimes it’s very easy to slide into negativity.  

This photo of Baby M makes me laugh so hard every time I look at it.  It sums up her current attitude.  She is feisty, funny and at the same time, a very good kid.  It puts me in a good mood.

Today is one of those few days that I’m glad I’m not working full time right (or even booked a commercial or film).  As Baby M coughs and hacks and sneezes with a running nose, I am grateful I can stay home and take care of her.  

So here’s to being positive.  (Raises a glass of soy milk)

Meetup Is Da Bomb Y’all!

June 4, 2009

Getting My Meetup On!

You make a meetup and THEN these guys let you print out collateral like hanging signs, postcards and t-shirts!

I’m starting a meetup in my area for Friggin Cool Parents and now I’m super jazzed.

Attitude of Gratitude

June 4, 2009

GratitudeNear my house is a Jewish Center and they always have these cool phrases on their sign.  This is their latest.  At first it annoyed me because I’m a constant striver, improver, I always want to do more.  But then it made me think about my attitude and how it’s not been very positive.  Also, my desire TO DO STUFF is actually a hinderence and only added to my angst.

I took a look last Wednesday’s “TO DO” list and had to laugh:

11:00 visit venue?
Pick up laundry/dry cleaning
Put stuff in mail
Return library books
Get watch battery
Call Real Estate Agent
Create Fanpage
Website (Twitter)
Create poster/fan page

What a nut. And thinking about those things made me almost lose my mind.

I decided after that to pare down drastically.

11:00 Conference Call re: Solo Show
Pick up police report for rear-ender

I’m lowering the bar by having two goals a day.  THREE THINGS MAX.

So far it seems to help.

Another day in the burbs…

June 3, 2009

Opening Day has long passed but the flags still fly...

Today I ran errands:  Pick up vitamins, mailed stuff out, took Baby M to the park.  I forced myself out of the house and called people.  It seemed to help ward off any wonky episodes.

While I walked around I my ‘hood I tried to make it my mission to find beauty in the area.  Camera in tow I looked…and looked…and looked…I really did.

I had a talk with my partner from our show and it’s very exciting.  We’re talking with someone who might be able to get the word out.  We settled some administrative business and feel we’re in a good place.  Since we’ve performed the show a bunch of times, we feel pretty good about our upcoming performances.

I have an audition tomorrow…

Baby M is not feeling the swings…

June 2, 2009

Baby M

Baby J also not thrilled with a swing

Baby J also not thrilled with a swing

Fireworks in da House!

June 1, 2009

Feeling:  Tired, drained, on the brink … of what I’m not sure.

We visited my Cantonese in-laws yesterday for dinner. I used to think that not speaking Chinese was a minus in my relationship with my in-laws, but now I see it as a major plus.

Last night we were thinking of catching fireworks celebrating 100 Years of the Queensborough Bridge.  I fretted over the noise level but thought I could cup Baby M’s ears.

I was sitting on my in-law’s couch with Baby M when all of a sudden my MIL began screaming her head off at my husband.  I was like:  “What the heck is going on?” and in between angry retorts in Chinese,  my husband explained that his mom was yelling at him because we were considering buying a home in the city instead of the suburbs.  (We aren’t even looking at the city, we’re looking closer to the city)  She did not understand why I needed to be around other mothers or why I needed to be closer to the city and she thinks where we live is just fine.

I cupped Baby M’s ears and  took a walk.

Never mind that I was not engaged in this dialogue of MY future with MY family.  I was upset but realized after a while that his mom doesn’t really have any power over us, nor does she know diddly about real estate.

I feel bad for my husband because on Friday after we got hit, my husband told me he was coming home “very late”.  It was not a good day to be coming home late.  I really needed him to be there with me and I let him know it.  My poor husband is getting it from all directions.

We missed the outdoor fireworks under the Queensborough Bridge but witnessed our own private showing in Jackson Heights, Queens.

There’s not much to say here, just more indicators that we need a change.


Reality TV Ya’ll- Shakespeare Style

June 1, 2009


I happened to catch a program about the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.  It was fascinating HIGH CLASS reality TV in that it showed the audition and rehearsal process of putting up Shakespeare in six weeks.

The auditioners talked about how the actors auditioning spent hours upon hours auditioning and then how they had to show all of their work in two minutes.  One actor said after an audition he would go back to his one bedroom apartment and eat ramen wondering what the hell he was doing with his life.

I’m at that crossroads everyday and especially right now.  I’ve been VERY heavily leaning towards saying “to HECK with you, Acting!”