Going 100%

May 19, 2010

I’ve been doing side jobs.  I felt I needed “real work” to sustain while being an actress/mom.  The problem:  is that it’s exhausting.

I just started reading OVERCOMING UNDER EARNING by By Barbara Stanny and it’s really challenged the way I’ve thought about myself as an actress and my relationship with money.

Stanny believes that as artists, we are put on this earth with our God-given talents for a reason. If we go with “conundrum thinking”: pushing forward while clinging for safety, it prevents us from really going for what we’re passionate about.  Then we never really “go 100%” with our passions and fulfill a prophecy of not making enough money with our art.

When I read that, my need to have a second job fell out of my body.  I physically felt a the fear released and a renewed sense of focus and courage.

I have an outside day job project I need to taper down…but moving forward I’m focusing on PASSION, 100%, without doubts.  This is a *new* thing.

Let’s see how it goes.

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