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October 10, 2009

October 10, 2009

I’ve been guilty of neglecting the blog. Sorry about that, super lame, I know. It was Baby M’s first birthday and between meeting a new babysitter and planning the party, I was a little busy.

My husband and I are very excited about moving back to the city. We really look forward to nice restaurants and being able to walk everywhere. I’m also excited about meeting like-minded moms and being closer to auditions and classes.

It’s been a bit quiet and at times I get a little antsy. But this is normal. Now is the time to update my reel, rewrite my show and take an improv class.

I’m also pursuing another love that I have which is drawing cartoons. I’m taking a class at SVA and it brings me immense joy. AND it is no surprise that I met a fellow actor/cartoonist. For some reason, the teacher really likes my work and has been very encouraging to me. This means the world to me.