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Entrepreneur Mindset

January 22, 2009

Today I realized that I get bummed when I don’t have much going on and want to get a day job.  What stops me is realizing that getting a dayjob is exactly opposite of what I need to be doing to have an acting career.

One of the most challenging aspects for me is the irregular schedule and isolation. I realized that this is what small business owners or entrepreneurs face all the time. Pursuing something outside of a big cubicle is not an easy path.  There are no deadlines, there are no set goals.  It’s freeing and maddening at the same time.  I’m envious of friends who are at jobs and who have a lot of income to spend.

Sure I’m broke, I’m embarressed by the amount of money in my bank account right now.  But it is a time where I have the freedom to go on auditions without a dayjob.  And HONESTLY, being a mom is a fulltime job.  So, that said, I realize this is not an easy venture and if everyone could do it, then everyone would.

In other news, today I had my solo-show workshop.  I wrote about five pages.  I have a lot of work to do before our February performance.

I also am MAKING myself go to practice auditioning tomorrow with the group of actors I met from class.  I really wanted to audition more and meet up with these guys because they’re a good group of people.


Wonky Monday

November 6, 2008

I noticed that due to lack of sleep I feel a bit wonky.  When Baby M takes naps it’s easier to just hold her.  When she’s up ALL DAY it requires a whole heck of a lot of effort.  Today I felt worn down, sleep deprived and a little bit weepy.

Last week a friend had asked to do a reading tonight and I jumped at the opportunuity.  I’ll admit I REALLY questioned myself as I was running out the door while the baby was fussing to be fed.  On the train there I kept looking at pictures of my daughter thinking I was a big jerk for leaving her at home with my husband.

However, the reading was really what the doctor ordered.  People were very funny and drinking a lot of wine.  (Oh my god I can drink wine!!)  It felt really great to read and laugh hysterically at all the silliness.  I loved reading and realized it was totally worth it.  I realize there will be plenty more times like this and it will be really challenging for sure…

On the  cab ride to Penn Station and SUV driver dangerously began playing chicken with my driver. The old me would have definitely either flicked the driver off or rolled the window down and hurl a few choiced words.   I felt like pleading:  “I have a kid, dude!!  Chill out!!”  Instead I double checked my seatbelt, sighed and prayed I’d make it home.

August 30, 2008

April 30, 2008

Today I went to New Jersey for a theater audition. It went well though I realized I could use a new monologue. I’ve used it for a very very long time. It’s like Marge Simpson when she buys the expensive Chanel suit and keeps re-purposing it over and over until she has nothing left but a Chanel bikini. I’ll work on one that my acting coach had suggested.

On the way back to New York I rode back with two other actors who also took NJ Transit. What could have been long, awkward ride turned into a really delightful time. We chatted about television shows, movies, plays and musicals (Note to self: must see Passing Strange) and acting. These guys work pretty consistently, have good heads on their shoulders and just nice good folks. If I have the opportunity to give people work, I’d definitely call them in.

Tomorrow I set up an appointment to do my first edit of my short comedy, SUPER psyched about that. Can’t believe it’s happening because the editing was the thing that was an obstacle.

On a personal note, I hadn’t realized that my friend lives so close to my neighborhood. We had dinner this past weekend and tonight we are going to walk her ultra smart and adorable dog. I don’t live near many of my friends (in Manhattan) so I tend to feel a bit isolated.

Next week, I’ll start working part-time at a music store which sells high end guitars and gives music lessons. I’m excited about that because it will introduce some sort of regularity and I have a feeling the people will be nice.

April 2, 2008

April 2, 2008

Today was a restful day and yet there were cool developments:

I got a callback for a job that would be shooting in a few weeks. It shoots for a week so if I booked it, that would be nice.

Hoping to get the commercial I had the callback for yesterday. Crossing fingers.

Just got an email from my modeling agency that I’m hold for a print job next week.

Today I sat on my couch, I did research on one person shows and wrote a few pages.

I had a discussion with SR today about frustrating managers/agents. She ranted about how frustratingly apathetic her agents seemed about her career. It’s understandable but I reminded her that these agents aren’t holding our hands but they were giving us opportunities to build our careers.

Yay a callback…

March 28, 2008

I got a callback for a commercial on Tuesday. It’s non-speaking so it’s definitely based on looks. It would be very sweet to get because it’s a 4 day shoot in LA and I would LOVE to go. Crossing fingers.

Woah, dreams CAN come true…

March 27, 2008

A few days ago I had written how I wanted to work with a few people like Sophia Coppola, Wes Anderson etc. It just so happens that I’ll be doing some readings of screenplays in a program headed by one of the people on my wish list! Israel Horovitz. Very exciting.

I went to the library to write at 10:00 today and wrote for an hour. It was a good writing session. This writing in the morning I plan to do on a consistent basis.

Afterwards I met up with B and got the footage of my short that I will finish once and for all. I thank my husband for yelling at me this morning to get my projects done.

Potential Projects

March 21, 2008

I met with two different people today to talk about two short film projects they’re working on. The first meeting was with V who I met at Starbucks. He’s a friend of an acquaintance I’ve worked with on a few projects. V actually sought me out to collaborate as an actress so that was interesting. V wrote a play which he adapted to a short film. The script needs work and I offered him some things I thought might help it. He’s shooting in June and I don’t know if he can change the script to a pregnant woman, but I’ll run it by him.

The second group I met primarily needed someone to do administrative work, i.e parsing through headshots, calling insurance companies for rates etc. And oh, if I wanted to audition for the film, that was an option too.

Both are interesting options but I’m not sure if they are a good fit yet. I would like to have my own film production company one day and it might be good to learn. At the same time, I have to finish my screenplay and two other films. So I’ll mull on it for a bit.