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Audition with a baby…

December 16, 2009

God bless my agent who snagged me an audition (as a COLLEGE STUDENT) for The Good Wife.  I got it the night before and I fretted big time because I don’t have a babysitter.  I feared I would have to skip it.  My agent gently told me to go because she didn’t want me to miss any legit auditions.

And so we went.

It was way downtown and I decided to drive down there.  And for some reason the drive was smooth and everything went really well.  Baby M happily munched on Cheerios while I signed in and looked over my lines.  I changed her once, I gave her something to eat.  I had no nerves because I was busy caring for her.

The audition itself was almost an afterthought.  It was really a fun process.  The actors around us were really kind and one woman actually watched Maddie before I went into the room.

This gave me a little boost I needed.  Lately I’ve been wondering what the heck I was doing with my life and if I should even bother being an actress.  I’ve decided this business, as crazy as it is, is the life for me.  It’s not for the weak.  It’s for those with an iron-clad stomach and skin thick as elephant toenails.  Neither is being a mother.  So…it makes sense these two things go hand in hand.

September 18, 2009

September 19, 2009

I went to an audition yesterday and wasn’t prepared as I should be. Being a mother has made the word “prepared” really different for me. I try to set time aside to plan the next day. I didn’t do that. In the morning I was scrambling to get ready for the audition and get the baby ready to go into the city.

I packed food for Baby M and hauled ass to get the city. I did not prepare the sides and I did not have food or water. By the time I arrived I was starving and thirsty. At best, my performance was generic because I did not prepare the sides.

It’s okay. All part of the process.

Back To School

September 1, 2009

To sum August up: solo show, national commercial (yay!), short film with an awesome director and producer, not so successful but not terrible audition for a television show. I decided that if I have a big audition, I probably should not do 2 gigs right before. Live and learn. I joined SAG and I got MY name.

We took a family vacation and it was wonderful. This was a time I was able to bond with my husband and my daughter. The pacing was great, we relaxed, we laughed our asses off and we really had a fun time. I felt refreshed and ready to get back to work. I’ve realized how important having fun and relaxing can be because that is more important than a career. Don’t get me wrong, I’m driven. But driven with a sense of gratitude, humility, fun and happiness. Driven without happiness doesn’t work.

In really great news, we are probably moving back to the city in a few months. With that news, I’m somehow wistful about leaving the burbs. [I vaguely recalled when I was 7 months pregnant and got pushed by some guy at Fairway Supermarket.] But I’m ready. And grateful.

Acting Biz stuff.

June 27, 2009

Had an audition through a casting director.  Seemed to go well.

Did a mailing for the show.  Had rehearsal for the show which is less than three weeks away, holy crap.

Set up times with personal trainer and someone who can show me how to eat properly so I’m fueled for the show.

The city makes me feel good…

June 12, 2009
This bag would be gone in .5 seconds in NYC

This bag would be gone in .5 seconds in NYC

Had an audition for a theatre production.  I did two pieces and the folks were really kind about it.  We’ll see if anything happens.

(It was a challenge to get there, I had my friend roll Baby M around in the carriage.  Also carry her up and down the subway stairs.  It was worth it.  I needed to see if I had the pieces in my head and they are there.)

FOUND: A babysitter!!!!  I’m so excited!!  I have great hopes for this girl.  She is temporary till she goes to law school in August.

Had coffee with a woman, D, I met at the opthomologist’s office.  She is so funny and  cracks me up so bad.  She has a baby the same age as Baby M AND SHE IS PREGNANT AGAIN.   When she told me that, my face expressed shock and she choked on her cookie laughing.

Entrepreneur Mindset

January 22, 2009

Today I realized that I get bummed when I don’t have much going on and want to get a day job.  What stops me is realizing that getting a dayjob is exactly opposite of what I need to be doing to have an acting career.

One of the most challenging aspects for me is the irregular schedule and isolation. I realized that this is what small business owners or entrepreneurs face all the time. Pursuing something outside of a big cubicle is not an easy path.  There are no deadlines, there are no set goals.  It’s freeing and maddening at the same time.  I’m envious of friends who are at jobs and who have a lot of income to spend.

Sure I’m broke, I’m embarressed by the amount of money in my bank account right now.  But it is a time where I have the freedom to go on auditions without a dayjob.  And HONESTLY, being a mom is a fulltime job.  So, that said, I realize this is not an easy venture and if everyone could do it, then everyone would.

In other news, today I had my solo-show workshop.  I wrote about five pages.  I have a lot of work to do before our February performance.

I also am MAKING myself go to practice auditioning tomorrow with the group of actors I met from class.  I really wanted to audition more and meet up with these guys because they’re a good group of people.

37 weeks – 2-4 weeks to go

September 17, 2008

Sorry for not posting for a bit.  I’ve been wavering from feeling totally awesome to totally exhausted.

It turns out that the baby is transverse breech.  Seems my daughter is undecided whether or not she wants to come out or not.  So we are up for an ECV (moving the baby manually) or a C-section. Earlier I was super freaked out, but at this point, I realize how little control I have over things.  Yesterday we got a playpen/bassinet thing, a stroller and an extra base for the carseat/stroller thing.  

In strange/awesome news, I had an audition last week.  I got a call from my agent and he said there was a play going up in London in February.  They wanted to see me.  I asked if they knew I was eight months pregnant and the agent said yes, they don’t care, they want to see you.  I was split on attending this audition.  I was grateful for the opportunity but at the same time, I wasn’t sure if I was able to do it.  All the more reason to go for it.  I worked with my acting coach and a dialect coach. While I didn’t nail it out of the ballpark, I felt that I did very well at the audition.  That’s all I could ask for.  I also met another Asian American actress who has a little girl and she was super psyched to see me.  She ran over to me and gave me her number and told me to call her.

I’ll admit, these past few months have been a bit rough on my actor psyche.  But I felt if getting an audition at 8 months pregnant isn’t a sign to continue, I’m not sure what is.  I’ve worked hard these past 3.5 years and I realized that if I gave up acting to pursue a REAL JOB, I would not be happy.  I might even blame my child for sacrificing my career, but actually I’d have no one to blame but myself.

I admit I also was stuck with the screenwriting.  I hated the screenplay and began feeling utterly hopeless about it.  And when the going got tough, I decided to start drawing a greeting card line. I even printed a few up at the printer…but then after deep reflection, I asked myself, if I were going to die, what would be the most important thing to me to do?  Aside from being a mom and wife?  And a little weak, feeble and neurotic voice said: “The damn screenplay!”

Being in screenwriting class has been really helpful.  The people in the class are very supportive and have a very good sense of what works and what might not work.  Two girls in the class (who are also actresses and pretty terrific writers) want to pair up with me to continue on our work.  So I’m back on track and unstuck.

In other more important news, my friend’s mom has been feeling under the weather.  This woman is one of the kindest, most beautiful people ever.  Every time I see her and her family we are filled with love and warmth.  It just reminded me how precious time is and how lucky we are to have people like that in our lives.

August 30, 2008

April 30, 2008

Today I went to New Jersey for a theater audition. It went well though I realized I could use a new monologue. I’ve used it for a very very long time. It’s like Marge Simpson when she buys the expensive Chanel suit and keeps re-purposing it over and over until she has nothing left but a Chanel bikini. I’ll work on one that my acting coach had suggested.

On the way back to New York I rode back with two other actors who also took NJ Transit. What could have been long, awkward ride turned into a really delightful time. We chatted about television shows, movies, plays and musicals (Note to self: must see Passing Strange) and acting. These guys work pretty consistently, have good heads on their shoulders and just nice good folks. If I have the opportunity to give people work, I’d definitely call them in.

Tomorrow I set up an appointment to do my first edit of my short comedy, SUPER psyched about that. Can’t believe it’s happening because the editing was the thing that was an obstacle.

On a personal note, I hadn’t realized that my friend lives so close to my neighborhood. We had dinner this past weekend and tonight we are going to walk her ultra smart and adorable dog. I don’t live near many of my friends (in Manhattan) so I tend to feel a bit isolated.

Next week, I’ll start working part-time at a music store which sells high end guitars and gives music lessons. I’m excited about that because it will introduce some sort of regularity and I have a feeling the people will be nice.

Auditions Do’s and Don’ts

April 29, 2008

These are tips I’ve learned from either being an actress or being on the other side of the table. They’re also a reminder for myself.

-Don’t stop midway through an audition and talk about how you can not possibly play a character.
-Don’t talk about how your friend is in jail for murder.
-NEVER apologize, OWN it! One audition isn’t going to make or break your career.

-Be confident, friendly, be healthy and at ease with yourself. (<–<I feel this is the MOST important one.)
-Look the best you can.
-Be positive. Don’t talk about how the weather is giving you an allergy, how you have to get your energy up or how you hate the script. If you’re from LA, please don’t diss New York and say how grey it is.
-Keep small talk to a minimum unless it’s about another fabulous project you’re in.
-Have the scene solid.

I recently had the privilige of being a reader for pilot season auditions and there were three recognizable faces who were were all top notch. Two read from the script, and barely knew the lines. But they both pulled if off because they were confident and were joyful with their read. The third recognizable talent was spot on without the script. All three were like lightening bolts that flashed through the thick fright and weak choices of other actors. They were also very nice people.

April 16, 2008

April 16, 2008

Today I have an audition and a reading of a play with a director I really dig. Later I have a dinner with another director I may work with.

Oh crap, I also remember I have to send my producer storyboards for our title intro of our short. During the first trimester I let things slide because I felt like crap all of the time. Now that I’m back in commission, I want to get back on the ball with the projects. Well, I’m sitting on the ball, or at least kicking the ball around instead of ignoring it.

Yesterday I received a residual check from a show I did last year. THANK GOD.

My belly is sort of showing now. The fact that a baby is coming in a few months is becoming more of a reality. I read on the internet that it’s a good time to bond with the baby and start talking to it. It’s about 4 inches long and shies away from light if you put a flashlight near it.