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Tests are AOK

March 24, 2008

Got a call from my doc and she said the prenatal tests look good.  She said the results were that of a 20 year old and there was 1 in 9000 chances that there were high risk issues. 

That’s cool news, indeed 🙂

12th Week

March 17, 2008

I’m grateful to make it to the 12 week milestone and hope things will continue going well. Yesterday was not a good day, I spent most of it in bed and on the couch. But I’m slowly getting better and better.I decided I’m going to apply to a film festival for a writer’s lab. The deadline is May so that gives me plenty of time for the re-write of my feature if I really put my mind to it.Unless I book the big job this week, I hope to use the month of April to re-write my script and send it off.