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The city makes me feel good…

June 12, 2009
This bag would be gone in .5 seconds in NYC

This bag would be gone in .5 seconds in NYC

Had an audition for a theatre production.  I did two pieces and the folks were really kind about it.  We’ll see if anything happens.

(It was a challenge to get there, I had my friend roll Baby M around in the carriage.  Also carry her up and down the subway stairs.  It was worth it.  I needed to see if I had the pieces in my head and they are there.)

FOUND: A babysitter!!!!  I’m so excited!!  I have great hopes for this girl.  She is temporary till she goes to law school in August.

Had coffee with a woman, D, I met at the opthomologist’s office.  She is so funny and  cracks me up so bad.  She has a baby the same age as Baby M AND SHE IS PREGNANT AGAIN.   When she told me that, my face expressed shock and she choked on her cookie laughing.

Savor The Success…

May 17, 2009

A few months ago I came across a website, Savor The Success run by Angela Jia Kim.  She is a a classical musician as well as an entreprenuer, developing her own skin care line after developing a rash from a beauty cream.

I love this site because it is jam packed with information, positivity and women entrepreneurs doing their thing.  I love seeing empowered women who are successful and who help other women.

April 28, 2008

April 29, 2008

I’ve been in a strange transition lately but I’m trying to see the positive:

Physically I’ve been getting bigger and slightly bummed out. Nothing fits and I just FEEL heavy. Walking is a chore.

Upside is that I am starting to buy *new* outfits that are cute but loose around the mid-section.

Mentally, I am also figuring things out. I am trying to find a routine while I’m not working full-time, in between auditions [which I also realize I will have less and less of]. As someone who has focused on their acting career for the past four years, it puts me in a slight funk. I don’t think my issue is unique to working women but I do feel that being an actor one’s physical being is attached to their profession unlike a programmer or a doctor.

Upside is that I’m very excited about being pregnant and I feel wonderful that I have a baby inside of me. I feel very lucky and really excited about it. I’m not the “mommy” type which is someone whose wanted kids since she was a kid. However, I love my husband, we’re super psyched and it feels really good to bring a kid into the world where I know it’ll be loved and cared for.

Other upsides:
I’ve been taking an editing class to edit my short films, it’s awesome. I hadn’t realized how easy Final Cut Pro is. I have a ton of questions but also feel pretty good about my handle on getting my stuff done. To be able to have images of me running around on the big screen (I hope) while I’m out of commission gives me a little bit of comfort.

While taking the editing class, I went to get lunch at a Quiznos nearby. As I was eating my sandwich, the guy who made my sandwhich approached me. He was very skinny, young and wore braces. He said: “Excuse me, are you Korean?” and I said “Yes.” Then he asked “How old are you?”. I was confused. I said: “I’m married.” [Later, as I was relaying the story to my husband, he added gleefully: “AND four months pregnant!”] His eyes got wide and he said: “Woah, you look really young.” This never happens to me and at this particular moment I felt it was Buddha’s/God’s/Mohammed’s way of giving me a gentle, cool breeze on a hot summer day.

Highest Paid Actress…

March 24, 2008

Reese Witherspoon

She commands between $15-$20 million per picture. I love her.

Hottest Mom Ever

March 22, 2008

If she sprouted a tree out of her armpit she would STILL be hot.

And yes, I’m posting this because I have a fear of becoming a frumpy, un-hot person and glad to see examples of hot moms, no matter how unrealistic and unattainable.


America’s Top Model Season 8

March 22, 2008

I’ve been watching a lot of television lately. It’s something that I’m trying to wean myself off of as my sickness starts fading away.

I’ve been watching America’s Top Model from last season and didn’t realize that there were a few moms who ended up being the finalists! This made me happy.


How did Renee get that belly back into shape like that? I don’t think she had Heidi Klum’s money to get back into shape. It gives me hope.




I have this theory about successful people that most of them come from humble beginnings and have a strong desire to succeed (Michael Bloomberg, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Chung Kyung Wha [violinist], Albert Camus, Biggie Smalls, Morrisey). I don’t mean destitute to the point where one loses all hope and sinks in to depression. But just enough hardship that fills them with a burning to desire to move beyond their given station in life.

The last three finalists from this particular season all seemed to come from situations that were less than ideal. Two of them weren’t even native English speakers. They might not have been the most conventionally beautiful but they had fight within in them which made them winners.

I know it’s a stretch to compare Ben Franklin and Albert Camus to reality TV models, but it does say something about having hunger for success.

Congrats to Halle Berry

March 18, 2008

This is sort of old news but Halle Berry had her baby girl yesterday. :-D! How very cool!