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Positivity Galore

June 8, 2009

Baby M, chillin'

I’ve been complaining a lot so I’ve gone gangbusters and decided to run the other way to POSITIVITY LAND.  After falling and busting her eye, Baby M is now sick with a cold.  Today I’m focusing on relaxing while taking care of my little girl.  

I downloaded The Artist’s Way and Creative Visualization and already feel better.  We’ve been putting out fires left and right that sometimes it’s very easy to slide into negativity.  

This photo of Baby M makes me laugh so hard every time I look at it.  It sums up her current attitude.  She is feisty, funny and at the same time, a very good kid.  It puts me in a good mood.

Today is one of those few days that I’m glad I’m not working full time right (or even booked a commercial or film).  As Baby M coughs and hacks and sneezes with a running nose, I am grateful I can stay home and take care of her.  

So here’s to being positive.  (Raises a glass of soy milk)

Prenatal Yoga

June 30, 2008

Not sure how I feel about this DVD yet.  It is definitely challenging.  After doing the workout yesterday, I felt a bit tired this morning and only lasted 20 minutes through this.  I actually love Prenatal Yoga in Manhattan but don’t like the commute.  I thought this might be a good alternative.  I’ll let you know as I progress.