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Easy Come Easy Go

February 23, 2008

I decided to turn off Adium on my computer today. The result is that I am focused and my concentration isn’t broken nearly as much as it is when IM is one. My very close friends I can count on my hand. My buddy list is bloated and unwieldy. There is nothing wrong with these folks. But I find that the talk is often idle chat, time wasting and sometimes, due to misunderstanding, argument inducing. Many people are acquaintences who I probably wouldn’t keep in touch with if they weren’t on my list.

When I’m not on IM, I am in more tune with my body and feeling. Putting IM on means that I don’t want to concentrate, I want to coast through the day. This is not good at all. It means my attention is away from things like maintaining my acting career or writing a new page in my script.